What’s On Your Mind?

Does anybody else get stressed by the FB status question “What’s on your mind?” Most days my mind is an empty canvas – highly evolved or ignorant as hell.

I f I had to absolutely honest the answer to that question would be – and not necessarily in any given order – what should we have for breakfast? what about lunch? what is Psy’s new song’s title going to be? What is with cricket? How do I turn back time? How did Eva Mendes get lucky enough to land Ryan Gosling? How will I spend the money from my first lottery win? should dinner be a take away or should I try and be healthy? Is there a shorter version of 20-20 cricket? Are all little girl’s drama queens? Why can’t I turn back time? Why do little girl’s talk non-stop? Why can’t fat dissolve? sigh…

Either which way this status question makes me want to think great thoughts, but not a single life changing radio wave floats through my cranium. I guess everyone will have to wait a while for my reality altering TED talk.


2 thoughts on “What’s On Your Mind?

  1. Typical of you Bi.:) Superb flow, I loved it..:) write more, in fact daily…. it brings a smile to my face..:)


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