A Prayer For My Daughter

Another poem in the series that I wrote for my girl.

I wish for you freedom…

Freedom from worries…

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A Prayer For My Daughter

Another poem in the series that I wrote for my girl.Image


I wish for you freedom…

Freedom from worries about money

Freedom to do what you will

Freedom to be all that you can and want to be

Freedom to scream, howl and be nasty.


I wish for you independence

I wish for you choice.

I wish for you the truth

To not lie to yourself.

I wish for you courage

To say YES even when you feel timid

And sometimes, to say NO when need be.


I wish for you a great passionate love.

I wish for you laugh lines

That shows a well-lived life.

I wish for you a steady heart

But most of all,

I wish for you my love

A heart that sings.

Stay A While

Watching my girl jumping

In puddles pretending

She was a giant

On a sea crossing

I smile

Even as my

Heart weeps.

Why this rush

Why this dizzying

Hurtling through

Time and space

To grow up

And be like me.

Stay a while…

A little while longerImage

Child, and just be.

There is time enough

To grow and be

Tall and strong,

To be jaded and


For now just breathe

In the air…

Of never-ending hope,

Of cavern-like despair;

Breathe in the air

Of flighty joy

And heart-breaking pain;

Of best friends and

Class room bullies;

Of promises of forever

And starlight

Dancing in your hair.

There is time enough

To be like me

But for now

Be a child

Just a little while longer

And give company

To the child in me…


In any case, one on the newest literary voices is a talented teenager. 17-year-old Eoin Moore wrote a short story for a creative writing program for teenagers called Fighting Words.

His story was chosen to be published. But the coolest thing is that it was published on Ireland newest postage stamp. All 224 words of it.

The stamp celebrates Dublin’s designation as a UNESCO City of Literature.

Ireland now has a stamp that features an entire short story — how cool is that?! (via prempanix)


Jiah Khan’s story is likely to be forgotten with time, because it isn’t packed with sensationalistic elements like alcoholism, near-penury or instances of visible exploitation. Unlike Divya Bharti or Silk Smitha, Jiah Khan still had miles to go. She will be remembered, I hope, as a young woman who quit Bollywood as well as the world around her, longing to find that low timber home caulked against storms.

Khalid Mohammed on the late, lamented Jiah Khan who chose to end her life June 4, 2013 (via prempanix)