Never chase the clique

The elite… the ‘in’ group.

Stand by your truth and your soul

Even when your knees shake like jell-O.

Your heart may beat so hard with fear

That you may think

It will take wings and disappear.

The world may go for your throat

With sneers and ‘I told you so-s’.

But that is when you should dig your heels in

Walk your own path and chase your own dreams…

Refuse to be typecast

Take pride in being an outcast.

Brilliant Egyptian Kid

Brilliant Egyptian Kid.

Courtesy Joey Ayoub’s http://hummusforthought.com/

He says and I quote “I use my brain”

This child shows us what our approach to politics should be. He actually read through the Egyptian Constitution on the internet and his comments revealed his intelligence and mind power, my laziness and prejudices and above all it proved that a child is indeed the father of man.

Make him the President.