Random Musings

The page is back under my control… Am posting something that has been with me for a while. And forgive the spacing between some of the lines.. I am trying to figure it out :/

It has been a while. The kids have been shot and they have been buried. We have since moved on. Sydney and Paris have grabbed our headlines and eyeballs. But the causes and the results are the same. To twist Sartre’s words around a bit, ‘Everything is different yet nothing has changed.’

We still forget that religion is not a path that we walk on. It is not even our destination. It is the light that we carry in our hands to show us the way, as we walk the path to our destination.
How can anyone decide that the light they carry gives them the right to extinguish someone else’s life and light. I’d like to share a poem (or random musing) that I had written in December. Didn’t share then cause it was too soon… for obvious reasons. I still felt mad and I picked up a few twitter and whatsapp fights. Please read on…

Don’t send me another memo…
or yet another forward.
Every time a bomb blows up
Twitter explodes.
Every single time kids are chewed up
by bullets

fired by terror mongers and psychos
Facebook posts come alive.
‘It could have been our kids!’
‘We are so lucky!’
‘This is so sad!’
‘I feel so bad!’
‘What can one do?’

‘The world has gone mad!’
Just please STOP!

Remember Beslan. Beslan!?

You say the word out loud…

Yeah… it sounds familiar!

Where is it?

That is what is going to happen

to Peshawar.

Will you ever forget Utoya in Norway?

You think not?

Or that school in the US… Hook something
Oh I forgot the name!
But those poor babes!

You know what we can all do with our collective feel bads?
Yeah… not for polite company the answer to that.
We Tweet, post and whatsapp and we are done with it…
Until the next tragedy hits
For heaven’s sake!

What can we do?
You ask…

Here’s what…

Don’t bad mouth your Muslim neighbour.
Definitely not in front of your children!
Don’t laugh at the rituals of your Hindu neighbour.
Treat the Christian and the Jew as one.
Don’t just preach…
But practice.
Make them see the turban, the beard and the veil…
for what it is.
A representation of someone’s faith,
not a threat to your belief!!

Stop huddling together and
flinching away from strangers.
Open your eyes.
Open your mind.
And for heaven’s sake
open your heart please.

I refuse to mourn.
To shed another tear.
Cause tears are so fickle…
Shed and wiped.
And then the inevitable moving on.

I refuse to feel bad.
My feeling bad is not worth
even half a cent.

I refuse to join a candle lit vigil,
or mouth platitudes.

But what I will do

is to teach my child…
That be you a Hindu or Mussalman

Be you a Sikh or a Jain

A Christian, Buddhist or Jew…
Don’t think it doesn’t matter!

It matters!
It matters cause each and every single
religion teaches
‘Do unto others

as you would have them do unto you.’

Keep your colour in mind….

White, black, brown, yellow…
It is what makes you unique
It is also what makes you different.
And different is not bad,
it is interesting.

Stop brushing our differences

under the rug.

Rather dust it and address it.

I will stop walking

on fucking egg shells
When discussing religion, God,

faith, love, homosexuality and gender.
I will teach my child that
true peace lies

hand in hand with honesty

and courage.
And sometimes the bravest thing

we will be called upon to do

in our entire life will be to

quietly say “I don’t agree”

or “it’s not right.”

when faced by peer might.

And while I teach my child all this

I will pay attention

and try to imbibe.

And practice what I preach…

‘What can you do?’

you still ask me!!?